Colors and mood: paint the walls and transform the mood in your home

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Have you ever noticed how colors have the power to transmit different types of sensations?
Just imagine how it feels to enter a colorful room or a space with neutral tones. Certainly, they
would be very different feelings. What happens is that colors are able to directly influence our
mood in an instinctual way. Perhaps this explains why each of us has a favorite tone that brings
back good memories. Therefore, the choice of color, whether to dress or decorate the house,
is something very personal, as it takes into account all our baggage of memories.
purple is often related to mysticism and known to be the color of intuition. It also awakens
creativity, in addition to reducing anxiety and fear. In this corner, the Plum Jam color was
combined with natural textures and golden metal to create an elegant composition with a
mysterious air.
A lamp, on top of a bamboo table, with four circles attached to a central base. On the table,
there is a notebook with a flower cover and a pencil, and some decorative items. In the
background, a tree with purple and yellow leaves and the wall painted in the color Crawberry
Jelly, with the color icon.
Have you been able to imagine and redesign spaces in your home? New colors may seem like
small changes, but they can inspire and motivate different feelings in every corner.

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